This Feels Just Like you're Foiling with Laird Hamilton!

You can fly with Laird, on this very board!
Don’t just sit there and watch Laird surfing from the comfort of a helicopter, or through the lens of a camera man on the beach. Get out there with him, and experience what it’s like to surf WITH Laird Hamilton in Virtual Reality.

Last week we mentioned Lairds new movie called ‘Take Every Wave’ which is out pretty soon; with a spectacular trailer just released. This week, a section of movie with the same title, ‘Take Every Wave: Laird in VR’ emerged on Vimeo from a company called Ryot; and it’s downright amazing.

Best viewed on a smartphone or iPad, so you can pan around and explore the beaches of Peru with Laird, this virtual reality movie uses some amazing techniques which have never before been done in surf movies. There’s one section where he’s foiling on a wave with a mate, they’re weaving around each other as they surf a crazy long wave, and the camera is perched out on the end of Lairds paddle. With the ability to look around (as if you’re right there, foiling with Laird!) you can watch him, his mate, the wave, the beach; whatever you want! The short story takes you on a ride through Peru, including underwater as he gets some training done, inside the RIB as they travel to the spot, and our favourite scene, a simple shot of a guy driving past on a motorbike.

So if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be hydrofoiling with Laird Hamilton, then check this one out (even if you don’t have a phone handy). Could this be the future of all surf movies?

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