Brrrrrrrr. This Epic surf trip was cold!

Throw five guys in an SUV and point them South in New Zealand it's amazing they got any surfing done at all. But among the shenanigans, the super thick wetsuits, the sea lions, and the icy cold water, they scored some incredible waves.

New Zealand is a beautiful place, but for these guys who all grew up in Hawaii, it's a tad chilly. Instead of heading for Fiji, Indo, or any one of the other amazing spots during the flat spell of the Hawaiian summer. They chose to break the mould, and head for NZ. You'll be glad they did.

Expertly narrated by Kain Daly, he joins professional surfers Albee Layer and Hank Gaskell on this trip, backed by two videographers Dan and Forrest to record it all. They headed for the South island in New Zealand for a few days, surfing tons of incredible breaks and hilariously braving the locals. Turns out they're not sharks, in NZ it's sea lions!

After seeing a huge black shape circling them, and being rammed by 'something', the boys screamed 'shaaaaaaaark!!!' Turns out it was a couple of sea lions who weren't keen on them surfing their break. There's footage of them fighting off the lions with their surfboards.

"Then we thought we were chill on land, and it turns out these little f-ers can run like 5 miles an hour! They just kept charging us until we were across the river, almost at the car. Angriest locals ever! Pipeline's nothing!"

It's a hilarious short clip full of some great cold water surfing, gorgeous shots of the New Zealand coastline and some crazy thick wetsuits. Check it out below,