"Don't bunch up, or the beach will close"

As seen on a mobile trailor LED outside my local beach.

If, as Australians, we can keep our act together this weekend, we can make this thing work. Because to be without the beach, is, well .. lets not go think about it.

There are stories of locals at beaches being exasperated by the number of people who have all of sudden decided it's time to learn to surf.

They've gone bought a foamie, and have decided to travel out of their local area to learn. Just consider, that if you have the virus, you're taking it far and wide, as well as putting other peoples access to the beach at risk.

In NSW the rule seems to be that if you can't walk or ride to the beach, then that's not a beach you should be attending.

As we say, every state has different rules about what you can/can't do, so best to check the official COVID conditions for your area.

Perhaps you got your government sms message for this Easter - things are different; no trips up/down the coast, no big get togethers, and no flocking to the beach.

For this Easter Weekend, please, for all our sakes, please don't pack the beach.