Going 'Foil' Bore - Foiling a Tidal Bore in France

This wave will leave you drooling...
You don't find waves any more perfect for foiling than this tidal bore in France. It's looooooooooong little waves are just powerful enough to paddle into, but with the efficiencies of a hydrofoil - they can be ridden for kilometers.

This one in France isn't the largest, or the longest, or the most pristine. But it's glassy, and smooth, unlike many bores which have plenty of ripples in front of the lead wave.

The tidal bore is a phenomenon that only a few places in the world ever get to see, and even fewer get big enough to surf. What happens is the incoming tide is so strong, and the river is shaped in such a way that the incoming water rises up over the still outgoing river, it forms a wave that runs slowly upstream until it eventually dissipates or the tide turns, whichever comes first. Riding these waves is a marathon effort, especially on a foil. Can you imagine the leg burn and the wobbly knees?

Watch as this guy effortlessly carves back and forth across the whole river using a surf foil, while those on traditional stand up paddle boards and ski's are left surfing the dregs a few waves back, where it's choppy.