Kai Lenny Misses Molokai, WINS Big Wave Challenge!

It was an incredibly tough call for Kai Lenny this week, when he made the finals for the Puerto Escondido Big Wave Challenge in Mexico. You see he had another event to attend on finals day, one which he was the reigning champ of!

The Molokai to Oahu is a paddleboard race from (you guessed it) Molokai, to Oahu in Hawaii. It's a BIG deal in the stand up paddling world, and known as one of the most prestigious events in the sport. Lenny won last year, and this year with the popularity of hydrofoiling, Lenny planned to case a stir in the SUP world. He was going to enter on a hydrofoil, and obliterate the world record.

But, that all went to you-know-what, when he made the finals for the Big Wave Challenge. That's important too, and most importantly for Lenny, a title he didn't have already. So he made the call. Ditch the foil, grab the gun, and paddle out there to verse fellow stand up paddler Jamie Mitchell in the big stuff.

Now we won't get into which sport takes more kahunas, but we will say congratulations to Kai Lenny on his decision to compete in the finals. And to Jamie Mitchell for paddling out with a broken sternum! The conditions were massive, and whether it came down to the wave gods, or Lennys exceptional skills on a surfboard, he was a deserving winner of his first ever Big Wave Challenge Final.

Check out the final, to see the wave of the event, surfed by Kai Lenny!