Now THIS is Big Wave Surfing. Nazare bombs.

Move over Jaws, 'You aint' got nothin' compared to Nazare in Portugal. At least not on the 24th of January you didn't!

As a line of storms piled up off Portugal, the worlds big wave surfers scrambled to find a spare seat on a flight to Nazare. It was on, and not everyone who arrived, was game to get out there.

Yep, it was THAT big.

Not only big, it was fast, and choppy, and cold. It was Nazare at it's best, and you're going to love the next 2 minutes of viewing thanks to Red Bull. Ambassador Ross Clarke-Jones is no stranger to larger than average waves, but this really is something else.

These waves are in the 20-30ft range, and so rough that these surfers are being launched from their boards or eaten by the mountain of white water. At one point you'll be wondering whether a jet-ski at full power is going to be outrun by the monster wave behind it.

Watch some of the best big wave surfing of 2017, which happened last week at Nazare, Portugal.