Surfboard made from 10,000 Cigarette Butts - Surfs Great!

Taylor Lane is not a smoker, instead he's has a vision of a pristine ocean environment and clean beaches. Which is a far heathier option!

You've seen what 10,000 cigarette butts looks like, because it's estimated that you walk past nearly that many each day in the city. They can be seen everywhere, and for all the ones you see, there's 10 others you don't.

Even though smoking is banned on patrolled beaches around Australia, they still find their way into the carparks, the gutters, and eventually the oceans. So Taylor Lane decided to make a surfboard, and a statement. He collected 10,000 butts, and shaped a surfboard out of them - and it surfs great!

Designed to enter the Creators and Innovators Upcycle Contest, this surfboard took a couple of attempts before the incarnation you see above. It's made by layering foam and cigarette buts along a conventional stringer, then glassing over the top, and because of that it's HEAVY! Apparently it surfs ok though, because Taylor and his mates are planning on making a couple of them and filming a movie with the boards. You can follow that endeavour on Kickstarter here , or dive into the disgusting build/repair process of the cigarette surfboard below.