Surfing Frozen Slurpee Waves in the US Cold Snap

In case you've been living off the grid since Christmas, you've heard that it's a little chilly over in the states right now. Ok, it's downright cold. Colder than temps get on Mars.

Yet surfers are still keen to get out there. Even on a waist high day.

Why? Slurpee waves! The pic above is for real, a wave made of ice crystals rolling onto the beach. Out the back it looks more like normal water (that's just really cold), until you see the surfers picking up chunks of ice.

Through frozen lips and literal chunks of ice hanging off their faces, they say they could feel their fins slicing through the little crystals just like a slurpee. Filmed in Nantucket, the lowest temp recorded this week was minus 15 degrees C - it would have been an incredible surfing experience, but not one for those of us seasoned to go surfing in board shorts and a t-shirt!