Surfing in it's absolute purest form.

Mark Drewelow is a true 'waterman'. He's a surfer, but he uses no board. With nothing but a pair of fins on his feet, he can mix it with the best, on the gnarliest of days; and he absolute RIPS!

You might have seen footage of Mark before, he's done some pretty good stuff in some big waves, but right now he's working on a new kind of body surfing. You've seen that before too, except you're used to seeing dolphins do it. He surfs INSIDE the wave, beneath the surface! Swimming in hard, he pops underwater and surfs for a few seconds, before bursting out of the wave face for a breath. Just like a dolphin would, he then falls back down the face and dives underwater again to continue surfing.

It's amazing to watch and something that could be incredible in some bigger waves and with a little more practice. Watch the video of Mark Drewelow body surfing underwater right here.