Surfing on the 'Vacaton Island' With Steph Gilmour

List your top 5 Aussie surfing legends (currently surfing), and if Steph Gilmour isn't in there, you either forgot to think about this countries great female surfers, or you've been surfing under a rock for the last 5 years! She's a true-blue legend, and this winter she took a trip to Hawaii's north shore for some action.

Don't miss out on this video, Vacation Island by surf film maker Morgan Maassen, It's got all the good stuff you might expect from a surf movie, with the added bonus of that smile, that sun bleached hair, that characteristic shakka. Steph Gilmour makes it great, along with the retro tunes, lifestyle cutaways and dreamy slowmotion scenes, this really is a cracker little video.

Get ready to spend four minutes wishing you were surfing with Steph Gilmour on the North Shore of Hawaii, then hit play on the vid below.