The Boogie Foil Kai Lenny Does it again!

The Boogie Foil - Kai Lenny's latest toy.
Kai Lenny really can bolt a hydrofoil onto anything he likes, and this week he's taken the spanner to a surf craft that nobody expected. A body board. He calls it the 'Boogie Foil'.

Boogie Foiling is probably not going to take off as a sport, but what's a man to do with a sore ankle and the worlds media focused on your foil surfing exploits? Kai Lenny is such a man, and rather than let injury keep him grounded, he took an old foil and cut it down to half size, grabbed a spanner and bolted the thing to an old body board he had laying around in the shed.

"I recently injured my ankle severely while windsurfing a few weeks ago and have been frothing to get back in the water." Explained Lenny, "So I put my energy into making myself a Hydrofoiling Bodyboard, also known as the Boogie Foil!"

Foiling bodyboards have been done before, years and years ago it was tried along with Laird Hamilton and his snowboard boots at Jaws. But those inventors were about 20 years ahead of their time, and only now has the modern technology that makes hydrofoils functional caught up.

So original idea? Not totally. Fun idea? Absolutely. One question remains however, does this make Kai Lenny a 'Super' Waterman?