The Dock: A Revolutionary surf concept - with no paddle-in!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to just run out the back of a surf break, and jump off a dock in the lineup? That's where this concept started, but it turned out to work completely different.

The crew from Volcom ARE completely different, so when they teamed up with a company called CanDock who make flexible boat docks, with an idea for a concept shoot in Bali. You know it's going to be something good. Turns out, the plan was to anchor a floating dock in the lineup, so a select group of surfers could run down the dock and literally jump onto a wave.

Did it work? Absolutely. Was it something akin to complete mayhem? Absolutely. Can you watch it all right now? Absolutely.

Check out this crazy surfing concept dreamed up by the team from Volcom, which came to fruition in Bali this winter.