Fanatic Windsurfing range for 2019 released

Fanatic Windsurfing 2019 Range Released
Fanatic Windsurfing 2019 Range Released

The new 2019 Fanatic Windsurfing Freerace/Slalom/Foiling range is online!

Foiling 2019:

No wind, no problem. Get a foil and get out there! For 2019 we've got a stacked foil range. Top of the food chain is the new Falcon Foil. A super lightweight, high-tech board designed specifically for foiling. If you're looking for a board to combine foiling with windsurfing, then the Falcon Lightwind is your choice. This board will get you planing and foiling in the lightest of winds. Sticking with high performance, but offering more wind range, the PWA World Tour winning slalom board the Falcon TE takes care of things with its foil approved sizes. If you are looking for performance with a more user-friendly windsurfing experience, our new Jag range fits the bill, with all three sizes approved for foiling. For those new to foiling, or simply looking for a fun time, the Gecko Foil Edition and the Blast (in foil approved sizes) have got you covered. Both are amazing freeride windsurfing boards, enhanced further with the option of easy foiling. In line with their windsurfing qualities, choose the Gecko for the easiest foiling experience and the Blast for a little more performance. Every great foil board deserves a great foil and thankfully our user-friendly Flow H9 Foil takes care of this. Durable, stable and great value for money, it's everything you need for lift-off!

Slalom/Freerace 2019: Brand new for 2019, we have already launched the new Jag as early release! The Jag is a pedal-to-metal missile designed for riders whose racecourse is the open ocean. A slalom design retuned for free sailing. It's easier to live with, better to gybe and useable with all styles of rig. Complete with a Choco carbon race fin and offered in our Premium LTD construction, incredible performance now comes at an incredible price! The Falcon TE sits at the top of the podium as a no-compromise winning machine! Winner of multiple PWA events and countless National titles, nothing goes faster around a racecourse. Available in seven sizes featuring four brand new models for 2019 and the addition of a 106 size for lighter riders and all-round performance. The Falcon TE range is designed specifically to excel with lighter, amateur riders as well as the highly tuned brutes of the PWA, making it ferocious around a course, yet still accessible to mortals! The Falcon Lightwind makes windsurfing possible nearly every day of the year with its insane low wind performance and approved foil use. With design cues taken from the Falcon TE slalom board, the Falcon Lightwind is not just an early planer, but blisteringly quick too!

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