New Caledonia Returns

11.02.2014 - by: Chris Yates


After a twenty year absence the elite of the windsurfing world will return to the paradise of New Caledonia

During the 1980s and 90s New Caledonia was a prominent feature on the international scene of windsurfing. Names such as the famous Robert Teriitehau, Michel Quintin, Manolo Barlet and Laurent Gauz?re are just some of the famous names who used to compete at this magnificent event.

Now twenty years later, New Caledonia is back on the international map and ready to play host to the PWA between the 18th to the 23rd November.

New Caledonia is a French Collectivity located in the southwest Pacific Ocean, 750 miles east of Australia. This paradise island is blessed with tropical waters, exquisite sea life and consistent trade winds, which will once again create a spectacular arena for the fastest sailors in the world to battle it out in.

To wet your appetite ahead of the event there is already a fantastic video which truly highlights New Caledonia's unique beauty. Robert Teriitehau features heavily in the promotional video and this legendary figure will now make an amazing return to the competition scene, after being so inspired by the video. The promo movie can be viewed


Stay tuned for more information about this fantastic event, which promises to be one of the highlights of the year. You can also read an interview with the president of the ANG-ASPTT Noumea Glide, Johnny Lasiman, who has been an integral figure in helping return New Caledonia to the international calendar, at the


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