Back by popular demand SHQ is running a Wavesailing intro night this Saturday 14th June at the shop from 6pm.

We all love the consistent summer seabreezes in Port Phillip Bay but winter is the time that wavesailing is at it's best in Victoria.  Getting out into the waves is a great way to push your sailing and improve all your skills and it also maximises your time on the water being able to make the most of conditions.

Two of Victoria's best wavesailors Al Mcleod and Hudson Godfrey-Smith are regularly ripping up the best waves locally, around Australia and around the globe and have a wealth of experience to share whether you're just contemplating entering the waves for the first time or you're trying to push your wavesailing to a higher level.

Al and Hudson will run through the keys things to think about both in preparing to enter the waves and while out in the action.  

Topic covered will include:

- Reading the conditions, knowing where to go and when to go

- Having the right gear and tuning it for the conditions and your aspirations

- Key survival tips to save your gear and yourself from damage

- Key technique tips

- How to Launch

- How to get through the break and out the back

- How to get back to the beach

- How to catch a wave, which wave to catch and where to catch it

- Bottom turning, top turning

- Aerials

- Jumping

- Anything else you want to ask about

We'll be serving up pizza and drinks and will get a few videos running as well - should be a good social night and a great opportunity to meet or reconnect with other windsurfers wanting to venture out into the waves.

2nd Hand Waveboards HALF PRICE!  Only on the night!
If you're still unsure maybe this special offer will get you over the line - In a bid to get people onto the right gear for the waves all shop owned 2nd hand waveboards will be HALF PRICE only on the night!  This is a great opportunoty to get yourself a good waveboard or high wind winter board.  Check out the list below