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Kiteboarding Australia insuring Wingsurfers
Kiteboarding Australia insuring Wingsurfers

Wind Wings to be included under Kiteboarding Australia membership

Wind Wings (also referred to as Wing Foiling, Wing Boarding, Wing Surfing) is increasing in popularity across Australia. Similar to kiteboarding it uses the power of the wind to propel riders along the water on a foil or SUP.

Kiteboarding Australia is aware that many of our existing members are experimenting with Wind Wings and is resulting in a large crossover from other water sports such as Surfing, Windsurfing, SUPing and Sailing.

As such KA has negotiated with our insurer to include Wind Wings in our existing insurance policy, covering our members with the best personal injury and public liability insurance on the market.

Kiteboarding Australia also see Wind Wings as a great introduction to kiting for the younger generation - so if you have children under the age of 18 looking to get into Wind Wings or Kiteboarding, make sure you sign them up to take advantage of the great deal we have on offer for Junior Members.

KA are now the recognised national body for Wind Wings and are working alongside the Global Wingsports Association - who KA will collaborate with alongside other National Wing Associations.

Kiteboarding Australia will look for opportunities to include Wing Foiling into our events calendar, training, advocacy and sports development related activities.

They are looking to engage the Wind Wing community and industry alike to assist in the ongoing development of the sport. KA are calling for expressions of interest to join our Wind Wing Committee; this is an amazing opportunity to become involved with the direction and ongoing development of the sport as it continues to grow.

Please email to express your interest today.