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Location: wa 11.10.2014 Biggest swell for 2014, WA

king of the point

Sep 2015

  "If you travel as far north as you can travel in WA before you hit Indo, this big first swell pulse pushed through linking / shuting down from the mainland to the outer bommie .Me and the late RIP Simon Burnell who passed away riding big waves at Margaret River on on the 22 march 2015 had it on at a solid mast high producing the most insane take off followed up by 8 full power laydown bottom turns and off the top hooks wes pissed signed our names all over this swell before this swell departed Australia on its journey to Indo ........3 days later the second pulse was even bigger with set waves consistently double mast high, in this photo i was using a 5.0 and used an older set of sails for obvious reasons , the wave faces were as smooth as a baby's bottom which at this size and wind strength was easily one of the best 2 sessions of my life just because of the extra size , i wait and hope to get it on again like this as it was mind altering. Whilst this swell was running a small run about ventured out on the protected side but went out to far and got overturned by a set wave tragically there was a life lost RIP BROTHER""