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Behind Boat Foil Lessons Perth? by AndyShwartz
Recommendations on a sup surfing/honey moon destination by Nugdam
Wing foiling popularity by colas
Foil sup more accepted than surf sup by hilly
Foil clinics in Lombok by marco
What led people to SUP surfing. by lam
Stuck in the break without a board by benjl
Foiling for a big guy by subseaos
SUP and surf foil videos by colas
How to stick deck pad down? by 8Paws
C drive fins by Bighugg
Deck pad lifting by frosty1962
2 piece Surfing SUP by pete53
Anyone try the Cabrinha Hi:Rise Varial? by exiled
Which style of leggie by wazza66
Out of Town [ Video ] by Casso
Zanny's first attempt at wing foiling by scott mckerc
PWC Rules re Estuary Surf Spot by JasonProsser
Duotone foil wing 5m broken batten by Abdillam
Who wore it better? by Casso
Quobba Fins? by benk

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NSW Sat, Jan 18 Spsc Technical Comp #2
WA Sun, Mar 1 2020 March Paddle Loop
NSW Sun, Mar 8 Sup 10+ Surf Event
WA Sun, Apr 5 2020 April Paddle Loop
WA Sun, May 3 2020 May Paddle Loop
NSW Sun, May 17 Sup Surf Open #3
WA Sun, Jun 7 2020 June Paddle Loop
WA Sun, Jul 5 2020 July Paddle Loop
WA Sun, Aug 2 2020 August Paddle Loop

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