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the Beast on some serious waves by supthecreek
Make an Armstrong Control Bar thingy in 15 mins for $20 by FOILSLEEVE
Barrel?? by hilly
Ride Engine Moon Buddy by snest
Damaged SIC RS by JonK82
PFD by tarquin1
Best Go Foil set-up for a beginner?:-) by Johndesu
Nozza's Street SUP thread, part 2 by Nozza
Smik Mongrel - how does it sup surf? by StandTrue
Shore break launch technique by Can555
What size board & foil are you using for prone by Piros
GoFoil Tails... by FOILSLEEVE
Comparison...Placid vs Flow by Timsups
Tassie Talk by tassiesup
New SIC for 2021 by TJR
SIC joining the game in big style by Supnorte
Sunova/Casey Revolution by mickeyb
short vid 8,7 sunova flow by Tardy
Whales at Dawn, Waves at Sunset by supthecreek
Smik Bonza by anchorpoint
GoFoil NL - Next Level Wings. by pohaku
The Green Room - great reading material by MangoDingo
Murray River against the current by MurrayRiver79
Armstrong HS 1850 by kobo
early release experimentation by danish
Board Shopping - What's your vote? by Rideordie
couple of head go pro shots ,on the old 8,7 flow by Tardy
Armstrong foil sups by tomooh
Sunova Point Break by ARichards
SIC Bullet 12'6'' vs Starboard Generation by mattinsalto
Wave games France by tarquin1
Where have all the Sunova SPEEEDS gone? by tannaman
Naish 6'6" 140L by bigtone667
GoFoil...Carving360!...DaveKalama by steamroller

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