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Head knocks and concussion from foiling. by Southby
Latest 10 footers by Brenno
First surf sup: Jp Australia 9' 2'' x 30.5'', 139 L or Fanatic Stylemaster 10' x 30.5'', 145 L by edam
Oops....gotta electric skateboard by GizzieNZ
Smik Spitfire V3 review by BrettV
SUP and surf foil videos by colas
Axis new "B" series foils and 980 front wing by wicka
Sunova/Casey Revolution by mickeyb
Recovery board by stehar
the April Fool.... or "How to Pole Vault using a SUP by supthecreek
C drive fins by Bighugg
Pros and cons of putting a foil on a 9'2" sup by Fitzsup
Ke Nalu Mana 82, love it by Kisutch
SIC RS vs NSP Carolina vs NSP Puma by LoudounSUP
Spot search by pampel
Is there SUP Surf life after 70? by supthecreek
Armstrong HS1250 by toppleover
Should I buy this Jimmy Lewis Worldwide:) by Kisutch
Board Shopping - What's your vote? by Rideordie
Sup surfing assistance by Markm80
Castaway Island fiji by Bluehawk
Uni-foils? by jt737
Smik Mongrel - how does it sup surf? by StandTrue
Sunova Shroom by CaptainJimbo
Neil Pryde is back by Piros
Not all peaches and cream by surfinJ
Most hardcore surf style sups ? by seabreezer
Efoils fun or boring by Fitzsup
2nd hand wave SUPs in Perth by Dadinabarrel
DW Boards by Dadinabarrel
Surf vid on facebook by stehar
Best Paddle choice by maxmoore
Wedge is needed for JP 6ft 8" board by Seajuice
Road Trip by DaveSandan
Just got a new board - Sunova Placid by Haddock
Quobba Fins? by benk
Speed limit for SUP on roof racks? by watermelon25
I Fall Down by supthecreek
Armstrong HA1125 front wing by Pat WA 1965
Hipster fin box repair by stamp

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