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SUP and surf foil videos by colas
Wind Wings by Seajuice
C drive fins by Bighugg
Surefire Zeusman Daddy Massive 11'11" by Zeusman
Australian Masters Games Adelaide October by riverider
Long boring video of a Yank summer session by supthecreek
Garmin Fenix 5 watch series by Supmaori
GOFoil vs Axis Foil by Filow
Duotone Foil Wing boom adjustment by warwickl
GW60 Battery replacement by jn1
SPSC 2019-20 SUP Surf Comps - Full Season Schedule by tracikay
Australian SUP life - 2020 Photo annual by Mickie Williams
JP / NP Board & Foil by Piros
Wing foiling videos by colas
Wind wings, where are they? by paul.j
Busted paddles by Seajuice
Foil wedge by Seajuice
Crazy down wind run by tarquin1
Downwind foiling board volume advice vs rider weight by hanza1111

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QLD Sun, Sep 15 Women On Water (4)
WA Sun, Oct 6 2019 Classic Paddle
VIC Oct 19-22 2019/2020 Sup Nationals
WA Sun, Oct 20 2019 Swan River Slalom
QLD Sat, Oct 26 Women On Water (5)
QLD Sun, Nov 10 Women On Water (6)

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