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Filthy thieving lowlifes

Created by Chardjohno 4 months ago, 16 Sep 2018
NSW, 4 posts
16 Sep 2018 10:42AM
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Greetings windlovers.
My mates car was broken into and stolen at birdie beach. Central coast NSW on Wednesday afternoon and we recovered the car but gone were. 1 217 core 9mtr section white yellow black 2- 217 cabrinah 9mtr drifter blue red 3- 217 slingshot sst 8mtr black blue purple please help us catch these lowlife thieves and make the bastards realise that there isn't a market for stolen kites ????

Buster fin
WA, 1791 posts
16 Sep 2018 4:49PM
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Stolen cars, however...


Forums > General Discussion   Shooting the breeze...

"Filthy thieving lowlifes" started by Chardjohno