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Impending seperation with not much money

Created by appleman123 7 months ago, 13 Jul 2018
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13 Jul 2018 10:19AM
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Ex commersial fisher. Some sailing experience. Need live aboard with ability to be safe at sea when required. Is the swanson 28, around 30k the best choice and value for money? Thanks.

WA, 1354 posts
13 Jul 2018 10:38AM
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Hi apple man, welcome to the forum. But go and ask this question again in the 'Sailing Forum"

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13 Jul 2018 10:54AM
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Yeah as Toph said ask in sailing about the sailing boats some real good knowledge on what you are after.
As for your personal life you can gets lots of helpful advice here for that in this section.

WA, 1244 posts
13 Jul 2018 12:11PM
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What's half of nothing?


Forums > General Discussion   Shooting the breeze...

"Impending seperation with not much money" started by appleman123