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Triton Radios

Created by TonyMc4211 7 months ago, 10 Jul 2018
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10 Jul 2018 12:47PM
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I have 2017 Triton single cab and I was wondering if you can upgrade stereo head unit to GLX R model, where you can use google play. Does anyone know if this is possible?

WA, 6835 posts
10 Jul 2018 1:19PM
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Hi I've the paupers triton
im sure you'd be able to swap it over without any issues,
theyd be very costly though unless you could get one from a write off or on flebay etc
my mate has just swapped his Mitsubishi import and my daughter has just swapped her vw amarok to the brand android , looks and works a treat, the vw one is linked into the car, showing all door , reverse camera etc as soon as she hops in, fitted easy as with comparable wire loom to suit, has google play etc

QLD, 5365 posts
10 Jul 2018 7:22PM
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why on earth would you want to try and put an OEM stereo back in there? go get a good one from autobarns

WA, 242 posts
11 Jul 2018 8:18PM
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Our workshop deleted a Jetta oem Radio and fitted a Repco one that was on special with all the button commands and canbus communication. Shmick job. Her car now has sat nav as per requested bt phone USB sd also. All up bill was about 695. She is one lady owner hardly driven vehicle. VW locally said it could not be done and best option was to trade her 30000 km Jetta in off something with sat nav.

WA, 2832 posts
11 Jul 2018 9:38PM
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If it's standard double din size, just get a cheap android unit from Hong Kong.

NSW, 4601 posts
12 Jul 2018 2:59AM
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