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Lighter foils vs heavy foils

Created by warwickl > 9 months ago, 19 Jun 2017
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19 Jun 2017 8:10PM
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I have SS school and while it seems good when up and foiling I struggle at times starting due to the weight of the foil causing it to instantly sink. Light onshore I end up in shallow water and hit the bottom.
Would a lighter foil such as the Zeeko be easier plus in general is a lighter foil just better?

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20 Jun 2017 2:53AM
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I think so. A light foil thin board combo works real well for water starts.
My home build floats on its side as the foil its self is buoyant.

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20 Jun 2017 11:52AM
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Lighter is better if its is as strong and stiff. Carbon is the best option if you are keen to do the sport for a long time.
The weight of the board is important to, like Plummet says a board you can easily start on makes it easy.
The reduced weight really helps when getting up and going and with control when you are going.


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"Lighter foils vs heavy foils" started by warwickl