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New Caledonia Foiling in July/August

Created by jbarnes85 Friday, 12 Jul 2019
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Friday , 12 Jul 2019 2:39PM
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I might be heading to New Caledonia in a couple of weeks for work. Just wondering if it is worth taking my foil. The information I can find says that it is not the kiting season but I wonder if there is no wind or if there might be enough for foiling (and not enough for twin).

Any thoughts?

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Friday , 12 Jul 2019 5:39PM
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I thought this was the trade wind season for that area

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Sunday , 14 Jul 2019 1:36PM
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You'll probably get at least a couple of days a week at this time of year. You need a SE so a high in the Tasman Sea will do it. Noumea is great for foiling, most foilers walk downwind from the kite beach at Anse Vata.


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"New Caledonia Foiling in July/August" started by jbarnes85