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4wd rust prevention advice needed

Created by dazultra > 9 months ago, 20 Oct 2010
NSW, 5 posts
20 Oct 2010 2:11PM
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Ok, so I had a look under my 4wds underbody the other day and it's got loads of rust spots starting. I've been googling loads about rust prevention and it seems my Trufield electronic rust prevention and regular washing isn't good enough for driving on the beach most weekends

I bought some Heavy Duty Lanolin and tested it on small section, it just attracts sand and dirt like a magnet, from reading forums it seems this isn't the best solution.

So far it seems Chemtech Fertan rust converter is a good start for treating my existing rust.

Then to stop it happening again there are two seemingly durable products coming out top.
1 - Penetrol (Paint Conditioner and Penetrol Aluminium), seems you paint/spray the conditioner first then the aluminium when that has dried.
2 - POR 15 (marine Clean, Metal Ready & POR-15)

Has anyone had any experience with these products and regular beach driving? How do you apply them without pulling your 4wd to pieces? Can this be done professionally?


SA, 1390 posts
20 Oct 2010 1:56PM
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Once the rust starts your never going to get rid of it completely, there will be internal rust that you cant see that will continue to destroy the vehicle. Just enjoy the vehicle and get the most out of it, if you really planed to have it forever you wouldn't be driving it on the beach every weekend.

VIC, 2209 posts
20 Oct 2010 3:01PM
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Get some Sacrificial Anodes

QLD, 2577 posts
20 Oct 2010 4:47PM
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there is no such thing as rust converter. once steel has oxidised there is no going back.

if you want advice i would suggest going to a few body shops and talking to them about your options.

QLD, 83 posts
20 Oct 2010 5:14PM
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I've heard some electronic rust preventions guarantee against rust, if they find it they fix it.
Perhaps this just applies to new cars

WA, 363 posts
20 Oct 2010 3:25PM
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Not sure if it will be applicable but soda blasting the rust off will actually neutralise the action of the rusting, then seal or painted over.

Elroy Jetson
WA, 681 posts
20 Oct 2010 3:36PM
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2 cans of cheap matt black spray.

Spend 10 minutes and spray under the car on your chassis every 3 months.

That will slow the rust down, doesn't stay sticky for 2 months and collect sand and grime, and the car looks tidier underneath for a short while.

Some scoff at this idea and insist on only hand painting on heavy duty thick chassis paint. It my experience these same people generally never actually get around to doing the job 'properly' and the car gathers rust anyway.

Bottom line: 8 coats of quickly applied normal paint over 2 years is 100 times better than none.

NSW, 331 posts
20 Oct 2010 7:10PM
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mum and dad have had our landcruiser for 20 years now and when it was new dad sprayed underneath with fish oil. it now is black from being in mud etc. it did collect sand when he drove it on hot sand. we hose out underneatgh the car when we get home on the beach. there is practically still NO rust underneath the car and it has been on the beach for it's whole life. it has almost half a million k's on and still doesnt have any rust. we just had the gearbox, clutch and syncro in 2nd redone and now its all clean we will probably be spraying that too with fish oil when we get round to it.

QLD, 504 posts
20 Oct 2010 8:23PM
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Go the fish oil spray on with a cheapo weed sprayer maybe

i tried spraying rust cure but it does not last long - looks real good for a short while tho!, i reckon spraying the underneath of the car with the old engine oil would be messy but work well cos there is no rust around where my engine is leaking oil!

WA, 782 posts
20 Oct 2010 8:18PM
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If you drive on the beach your car will rust.
You probably know this but dont drive your car in salt water. Someone else car is OK.

Electronic rust doesn't work. I had it on my old ute and it started rusting in 6 months (bugger drained my battery too while I was over seas.)

A mechanic friend advised me to park my car over the sprinkler regularly.
Take it to the car wash and blast underneath with hot water and suds.
Then take it to the car detailer. The buck toothed dude sprayed heaps of thick black poo under there for $99.

I need to do it again, but car is in getting a new clutch, spigot bearing, rear main seal, gasket behind the timing belt, timing belt and top + bottom radiator hoses.
Enough love for the wheels this year.

The Australian export paint might make a sale from me before xmas.

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20 Oct 2010 9:44PM
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spray the lanolin on and drive on a dirt road (away from the beach) its this build up of dust and lanolin that keeps the salt and moisture out.

NSW, 4699 posts
21 Oct 2010 9:08PM
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megsie said...

spray the lanolin on and drive on a dirt road (away from the beach) its this build up of dust and lanolin that keeps the salt and moisture out.

I use fish oil that comes in an aerosole can.
$8 a can, I use 3 to drown the whole undercarage.I go pretty overboard with it though
It gets into all the welds and nooks you struggle to get a paint brush into.
Just dont drive on the beach straight away as it stays sticky for quite awhile.

I did what megsie said,
drive on a dusty dirt road which stick to it.
I live near the beach(cars always in salt air) and drive on the beach every second day,,,,,,,no rust yet, except for one spot the size of a 50 cent peice that I missed which has light surface rust.

WA, 204 posts
21 Oct 2010 6:11PM
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Coupler Tech Electronis Rust Prevention

I have this fitted to my 4x4 and no rust!!
Check it out and make up your own mind...

NSW, 5 posts
22 Oct 2010 3:08PM
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Cheers for the info guys!
Lots of people seem to have success with fish oil, just wondering if it smells?
I like the idea of driving on the dusty road to seal it.

Thomo, is your rust prevention the Coupler Tech Extreme heavy duty kit? I've got this one I'm thinking I have a light use version, though hopefully it has slowed down the rust.

RAL INN, is this what you are talking about? Sounds good if it works.

Will see if the car detail guys can get the rust off to start by blasting it!

ade r
NSW, 102 posts
22 Oct 2010 4:02PM
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fish oil (fisholene?) is the go,

yes it smells.

QLD, 65 posts
22 Oct 2010 4:22PM
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a barrier rust protection is far better than the electronic rust protection. check these guys out if you are in brisbane

NSW, 4699 posts
22 Oct 2010 7:16PM
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The old fisholene smells ants love it.
I cant remember the name of the stuff I used, it is aussie made and has no smell at all.I bought it at Super Cheap Auto.

My last 4x4 I coated the whole undercarage in bitumas paint,
took ages,couldnt get a paint brush into hard spots(between springs etc)and had more of the sticky sh!t on me than the car....and it didnt do the job very well.

The spray on airesol fish oil is like sprying WD40 on a nut and bolt,,it seems to suck into it.So far its the best out of all the stuff I have tried.

The eternal battle of metal and rust.......the environment will eventually win
but you can slow it down


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