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Advice please re Naish Torch

Created by BurkeyBoy 2 months ago, 14 Jan 2019
QLD, 540 posts
14 Jan 2019 4:38PM
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Iv'e been flying a Pivot for a few years, Park before that. Over 10 years experience but always on bow/hybrids. Have the chance to get into a Torch. Don't unhook anymore and rarely loop but do love big airs. Is this a good move? Flew a Naish Dash recently and wasn't overly impressed so started looking at the torch. Any advice appreciated.

WA, 6939 posts
14 Jan 2019 7:07PM
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plenty of other option better suited,
core gts
fone bandits
North/ duotone dice
Ozone enduro
the c type feel also capable of higher performance if reqd
all jump really well

WA, 27 posts
14 Jan 2019 9:01PM
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I haven't flown a Torch but I went from a North Rebel to a Vegas and it was totally worth the gamble. It improved my kiting and was so much fun to fly. If you've never owned a C kite and you can afford to take the chance then I reckon you should go for it. If you don't like it then you've still got the Pivot.

WA, 283 posts
14 Jan 2019 11:07PM
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If you didn't like the Dash, then you probably wont like the torch...
Same bar pressure and you need to fly the kite actively especially on big jumps more than the pivot...
i would stay with the pivot to be honest...

QLD, 540 posts
15 Jan 2019 3:18PM
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Cheers all. Will give it some thought.

WA, 22 posts
17 Jan 2019 6:16AM
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I rode Naish Torches for years and the best models in my opinion were in 2015 and 2016.
In 2017 they changed the formulae and made the kite more wake style and this took a lot of power out of the kite compared to previous years, for instance I was on s 12 metre kite in 30 knots and still unhooking which seems a bit silly as that's generally small kite territory.
I would definitely advise try before you buy and if you do buy don't expect to be able to sell them on when you're done.

Good luck


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