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Airton named GKA World kitesurf champ

Created by Surfer62 Thursday, 5 Dec 2019
VIC, 1294 posts
Thursday , 5 Dec 2019 5:59AM
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Congrats Airton but has the final 2 events for December 2019 in Maui and Torquay been cancelled ?

NSW, 383 posts
Thursday , 5 Dec 2019 9:22AM
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On his insta he is talking about riding in king of the air.

Would love to see a strapless big air expression session as part of the event.

WA, 1419 posts
Thursday , 5 Dec 2019 7:07AM
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King of the air needs more "Charlie horse happy Gilmore" moves. If Airton can nail those at 60 foot high the crowd will lose their sh!t


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"Airton named GKA World kitesurf champ" started by Surfer62