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Anyone Know This Bloke?

Created by crakas 4 months ago, 6 Feb 2019
QLD, 281 posts
6 Feb 2019 9:44PM
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Sorry, have to subscribe, pay a dollar (by credit card) to see the link. No thanks

NSW, 121 posts
7 Feb 2019 9:26AM
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WA, 457 posts
7 Feb 2019 11:35AM
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Don't know him, but it gives another reason to lock the struts off I suppose

QLD, 413 posts
7 Feb 2019 5:49PM
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Thanks for that JMS.. that's a better link.

I had a twig caught between the front and the back as I launched last week. I was just about to hit the safety and the things got flung out.

Wouldnt even consider heading out with a twig caught in the lines or bridles.

1111 posts
7 Feb 2019 4:56PM
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Bugger that, he's got a good sense of humor though

1756 posts
7 Feb 2019 5:32PM
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That's a classic story!

TAS, 743 posts
7 Feb 2019 9:16PM
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I don't understand the quote where it says "other kiters don't wear stinger suits." I'm not sure, if things have changed, but everyone used to wear one in the wet season when I lived there

WA, 113 posts
7 Feb 2019 9:37PM
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Omg. I lived in Kununurra for several years and I am sure I would have been Sh1tting my pants in that situation.
But I must say first class reporting, story writing and yes Quickdraw he has a brilliant sense of humour. However crocs are particular what they will eat...rubber tyres - yes, outboard motors - yes, old boots - yes, but they would probably turn their nose up at a Scotsman. He was actually quite safe.


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