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Brunswick heads Surf Club Life Guards.

Created by Madge 9 months ago, 12 Jan 2018
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12 Jan 2018 4:55PM
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The life guards at the surf club in Brunswick heads have issued a warning to all wind craft, kites and windsurfers, that anyone within 60m of a swimmer will be fined.

He was pretty upset as last week an 8 year old girl got ran over by a kiter and when approached he was told to " F*** off " bye the South African kiter.

I was windsurfing on the beach and he said that anyone within the 60m will have to police called on them.

Just a warning to everyone in the area.

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13 Jan 2018 6:41AM
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Wow, talk about poor form! What a douche...


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"Brunswick heads Surf Club Life Guards." started by Madge