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Created by StinkyPete > 9 months ago, 12 Jan 2018
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12 Jan 2018 12:31PM
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Can anyone give me some info on the best spots near bunbury. My brother is local to Daylellup and has to drive to australind to find some crew to kite with. He seems to think when the wind is in Daylellup looks pretty good but just never anyone out?

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12 Jan 2018 1:01PM
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Pelican point is worth a look, not quite as far as australind, also the cut has small waves

WA, 1289 posts
12 Jan 2018 2:11PM
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Why not kite at Daylellup? Probably heaps better wind than the estuary and a better launch spot too.
If i lived in Daylellup I'd kite there, the beach looks nice but I live in Austalind.
I'd rather kite by myself than with a big crew.

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12 Jan 2018 8:22PM
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I'd give the huts a go, if he's local he'll know the spot, it's real close to dally. What's his name? I've probably met him

VIC, 2 posts
13 Jan 2018 7:48AM
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Bertie and stinky the dalyellup question relates to the addictive pursuit of the 'butter flats' that many kiters crave. Much like a skier obsessing over the untouched groomed runs (vs chopped up moguls) or a wakeboarder wanting glass off conditions vs choppy wind affected.
If you have had true butter flats you will seek it out addictively. Ideally the wind will be stable (ie an onshore seabreeze) and then pass over a very low flat sandbar perpendicular to the wind, therefore on the inside of the sandbar is 1. Steady wind 2. Butter smooth flat water.
Refer 'the pond' safety bay, behind the point on 3rd beach at Woodman point, the beach lagoons of Brazil, the Augusta lagoon on the right direction, etc.
To the untrained eye kiters appear to be sheep "why would they all kite in the same busy spot? It's windy over there too..." but they are actually congregating at the unique point where all of these elements come together at one point. Indeed kiters will travel the globe to find a place where these conditions occur reliably, daily, for weeks or months, preferably with no crowds (before its reputation spreads).
At Australind it appears that in the right direction and strength there is a breakwater or sandbar that may create these coveted conditions at least on that particular day.

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13 Jan 2018 3:02PM
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ZIANKites said..
Bertie and stinky the dalyellup question relates to the addictive pursuit of the 'butter flats' that many kiters crave.

No, i don't think so..

I think he just wants to know where to kite in Dalyellup and not Narnia

WA, 241 posts
13 Jan 2018 5:41PM
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Yeah thanks for the info. My brother is local to Daylellup but never kited there. Flat water definatelly worth the effort but my brother was just seeing if anyone kited the area near him. Cheers


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