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Can anyone tell me the age of these kites from the bags?

Created by Simsurf 2 months ago, 10 Jan 2019
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10 Jan 2019 8:41AM
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HI all,

Asking the below for a friend of mine has had some lessons and is looking to get some gear. A friend of hers has the kites pictured below and they have never been used. Apparently they were bought two years ago brand new but she never used them. Never even got them out of the bag. I've looked online and the Core XR looks to be a 2010-2011 kite but the bags appear the same for the XR3 up to 2015. Im no Core expert so hoping someone can help with two things:

1. Can anybody tell me the possible age of these from the bag. I know looking at the kite info on the actual kite would be the best way but this is not possible at the moment.

2. Would the Core Riot be ok to learn on.


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10 Jan 2019 8:57AM
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Hi Simsurf,

Picture is very low-res but I believe these are Core Riots (first version of the XR - 2010)

These kites use a double front line safety systems which nowadays is considered outdated and unsafe....even Kiteboarding Australia schools can't run lessons on dual front line safety systems.

In case of a bridle tangle for example, activating the chicken loop quick release won't flag out the kite. It also doesn't work well in low winds. The twist release from Core is also an uncommon and unnatural release mechanism.

Would not recommend for beginner purely from the perspective of the safety system


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10 Jan 2019 9:03AM
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Thank for the quick reply. I'll pass this on to her.

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12 Jan 2019 11:31AM
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2012 core xr2 going by the bag the 2010 and 2011 XR's had a black draw string bag
2012 xr2 are fine to learn on, single line safety
if they are good condition great kite i still have a 12m and still going strong,
Mine had a problem with the strut ends, the material pulled away from the end pieces ,cost me $80 to have them replaced by moti,

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13 Jan 2019 3:34PM
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You need to pump these kites up and see if the valves have peeled on them.
Brand new means nothing - there old and all kites will eventually unglue..


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"Can anyone tell me the age of these kites from the bags?" started by Simsurf