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Created by wdric > 9 months ago, 17 May 2013
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17 May 2013 10:55PM
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G'day, just some feedback from a group of racers and one freestyler who just got back from an event in china run by KTA
We had a great time with many stories to tell and new friends in some great locations to travel in the future.

They have freestyle, twin tip race and course race run over a series in 4 or 5 countries.

Often include free or cheap accommodation for competitors and had US$30K prize money up for grabs in the final round.
I think the first one next season will kick off in Okinawa Japan about october this year

Although everyone wants to win, the events are still centered around having a great time win or loose with many locals turn up to compete regardless of their skill level but at the same time you are amongst some of Asia's top competitors

These guys are a team dedicated to organising events and have most things all sorted, we even had the local uni students english class as interpreters at the last event

With freestyle events few and far between in this country if any of you guy are wanting to test your skills and do some international freestyle events close to home I highly recommend them so keep this in mind and check out there website to stay informed when its all happening


main website
lots of info on their FB page to
heaps of pics and video.

Was so funny watching the hotel staff in china react to all the alcohol flowing and the odd glass breakage in this video

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17 May 2013 9:15PM
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When I was in China some of the drunkest people were the locals... so I doubt they really are too phased by it.

PKRA is also holding 2 events in China this year as well, both will have Freestyle and a short course Slalom category which is a lot of fun. So if anyone missed out and still wants to go there you have that option as well.


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