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Dice 2018 Kiteloops

Created by Stewynew Sunday, 13 Jan 2019
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Sunday , 13 Jan 2019 2:41AM
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Hi all,
So I picked up some 2018 Dice a few weeks back and am having real trouble getting enough power from the kiteloops when Darksliding. I've tried all the different settings and nothing changes.
I used to fly Airush Union 2017's and they had way more power in the loop. Is it just that 2018 Dice don't pull in the loops?

WA, 60 posts
Sunday , 13 Jan 2019 10:39AM
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What settings have you got the kite on? If you haven't already, change the pigtails on the kite to the 'hard' freestyle setting.

WA, 1594 posts
Sunday , 13 Jan 2019 3:21PM
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Try doing it in 30 knots or buy a kite made for power

WA, 607 posts
Monday , 14 Jan 2019 9:33AM
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Maybe a wider loop arc / less fishpoling


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"Dice 2018 Kiteloops" started by Stewynew