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EnataKites ??

Created by NorthernKitesAUS 3 months ago, 8 Jun 2017
QLD, 460 posts
8 Jun 2017 10:26AM
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What's this? Looks exciting. BUT I hope it's not just another kite brand, with same old LEI designs.

A very longtime ago people were thinking with their brains and pushing the limits of design, ideas and risks. Today? Meh... just pulle the quick-release and go home for a beer.

VIC, 3791 posts
8 Jun 2017 12:23PM
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Apparently they're foil kites and they've bought Banga to get foils for racing. A little more searching shows Enata Industries as a Dubai based company.

NSW, 2274 posts
8 Jun 2017 1:24PM
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NorthernKitesAUS said..
BUT I hope it's not just another kite brand, with same old LEI designs.

Hope its not just Enata kite brand.

Ben - Ikon
WA, 99 posts
9 Jun 2017 8:09AM
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I could be wrong but I dont think they will manufacture LEI kites. Looking at their portfolio, they more interested in yachts and amercia's cup type products than trying to come into a saturated market.

Enata kites started with Maxime Nocher (one of the top foil racer) leaving Fone last year and ridding those prototypes. They also have Hans Bollinger in their team, known in the paragliding and kite racing (fone).

Enata group ( has 3 branches - industry, marine and aerospace, from switzerland originally and now based in Dubai.

Enata Marine started Enata kites but also bought the italian Banga foil (known to be super fast)
They are working with Hydros specialised in foil for the Amrica's cup boats ...

Looks like a winning team with lot of money.

VIC, 620 posts
9 Jun 2017 9:15PM
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I thought the 1st April was a couple of months ago??


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