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Filthy low life thieves

Created by Chardjohno 5 months ago, 16 Sep 2018
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16 Sep 2018 6:27PM
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Greetings wind lovers
My good mates car was stolen from birdie beach central coast NSW on Wednesday afternoon and although the car was recovered they took
- 9mtr 217core section, white yellow black
-- 7 mfr 217 cabrinah drifter, blue and red
-- 8mtr 217 slingshot sst black blue purple.
Please help us catch these lowlife scum and teach them that there is no market for stolen kites . regards. Chard
PS .Forgot to mention my antique green metal malleys esky with ice cold beer that we were so looking forward to after an epic downwinder Total bastardy!! !!??

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16 Sep 2018 5:33PM
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Love the bit about the esky, never mind the $3000 plus dollars in kites

NSW, 2639 posts
17 Sep 2018 2:19AM
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That'll make a lot to of crew nervous about downwinders in the area.

Keep an eye out for learners on a Core. Good luck with the recovery!

Ozone Kites Aus
NSW, 718 posts
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17 Sep 2018 8:42AM
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What sort of car was it?
Send an email to ESS, and Kite and Sup in Newcastle.

QLD, 691 posts
18 Sep 2018 12:58PM
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This wouldn't have happened at Aussie Pipeline by any chance? Had the same happen to me many moons ago. Worst were the local cops that didn't give a crapiola!

NSW, 983 posts
20 Sep 2018 11:02PM
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its Always going to be risky leaving kitting gear at such a gay beach

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29 Sep 2018 6:05AM
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The low life thieves struck again yesterday during a downwinder from Birdie Beach stealing my brothers car, driving it down the road a km then taking the following:
13 m Cabrinha Nomad (Black, Purple, Orange)
10 m 2017 Naish Pivot (Blue/Yellow)
12 m Ozone Enduro V1 (green/black in black & blue bag).

Also stolen was a blue pump and a 9 m Ozone Enduro V1 kite bag (black & blue).

Beach users reported very suspicious guys (one very tall, one possibly with reddish hair) and a dark-haired girl in a car hanging around the car park before the incident. They were even walking over to the beach apparently scoping out water users. This car was parked behind my brothers car down the road. The number plate and description of the car was given to the police but they said they can't do much unless people actually saw them in the act of stealing.

NSW, 245 posts
29 Sep 2018 3:14PM
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Police are so helpful in these matters. If they are caught with the gear..they just say they bought it off someone.

NSW, 311 posts
29 Sep 2018 4:11PM
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Juat had a pump stolen from me at Kingscliff back beach NSW. Might be a small loss but it still sucks

NSW, 2639 posts
29 Sep 2018 7:52PM
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I had the attachment of my pump hose stolen at last year's Merimbula contest...

Don't worry about contacting the police if you see it ... But what a kahnt act.


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