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Filthy low life thieves

Created by Chardjohno A week ago, 16 Sep 2018
NSW, 3 posts
16 Sep 2018 6:27PM
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Greetings wind lovers
My good mates car was stolen from birdie beach central coast NSW on Wednesday afternoon and although the car was recovered they took
- 9mtr 217core section, white yellow black
-- 7 mfr 217 cabrinah drifter, blue and red
-- 8mtr 217 slingshot sst black blue purple.
Please help us catch these lowlife scum and teach them that there is no market for stolen kites . regards. Chard
PS .Forgot to mention my antique green metal malleys esky with ice cold beer that we were so looking forward to after an epic downwinder Total bastardy!! !!??

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16 Sep 2018 5:33PM
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Love the bit about the esky, never mind the $3000 plus dollars in kites

NSW, 2581 posts
17 Sep 2018 2:19AM
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That'll make a lot to of crew nervous about downwinders in the area.

Keep an eye out for learners on a Core. Good luck with the recovery!

Ozone Kites Aus
NSW, 661 posts
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17 Sep 2018 8:42AM
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What sort of car was it?
Send an email to ESS, and Kite and Sup in Newcastle.

QLD, 650 posts
Tuesday , 18 Sep 2018 12:58PM
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This wouldn't have happened at Aussie Pipeline by any chance? Had the same happen to me many moons ago. Worst were the local cops that didn't give a crapiola!

NSW, 962 posts
Thursday , 20 Sep 2018 11:02PM
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its Always going to be risky leaving kitting gear at such a gay beach


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"Filthy low life thieves" started by Chardjohno