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Jesus Walking Competition?

Created by wishy A week ago, 8 Mar 2019
WA, 1322 posts
8 Mar 2019 1:31PM
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There is an event specifically for Megaloops, why isn't there one for Jesus Walking?
From all the videos i've seen, it's really only Jeremie Tronet and that Tom's kitchen guy that has it nailed, I feel like the other pros should be working on it more?

WA, 99 posts
8 Mar 2019 2:56PM
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Totally agree. There are quite a few old school tricks that when done with slick style look amazing and take a bucket load of skill.

WA, 6947 posts
8 Mar 2019 3:41PM
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Just not cool in the current climate maybe call it the pell to cell walk Ahmen

NSW, 4926 posts
8 Mar 2019 7:49PM
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Could call it " the running from the bishop"


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"Jesus Walking Competition?" started by wishy