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Kaliantan, Lombok

Created by drunkenmaster 2 months ago, 13 Feb 2019
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13 Feb 2019 8:58AM
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Has anyone been to Kaliantan Lombok in early May? Or in general?

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17 Feb 2019 9:38PM
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drunkenmaster said..
Has anyone been to Kaliantan Lombok in early May? Or in general?

Been in lombok September 2017, and there are just 2-3 kite shop. I ve been told windy period was overa. Talking about lombok in general.

QLD, 64 posts
18 Feb 2019 10:29AM
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Is worth taking kite gear in early april?
Going on a surf trip, but will take kite gear as well if it will be windy enough.

VIC, 1226 posts
18 Feb 2019 11:47AM
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Plenty of wind in July and August, Kalimantan's a bit remote, take food and fluids, gets pretty windy for indo, 8/9m to 12m

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8 Mar 2019 9:39PM
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May might be good if dry season starts early ! You would be using more 11-12m depend of you weight

No accommodation on the spot you have to commute everyday

take care of with the tide, if low tide during afternoon then your week might be complicated, especially with the wind is better with thermic in the afternoon

For the wind, you have much better in Indonesia: Banyuwangi, Rote and Jeneponto
Only the last one has proper infrastructure but don't know if open yet in May


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