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Kite Gear Borrowing and/or Renting

Created by ama21n 7 months ago, 18 Jun 2017
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18 Jun 2017 10:23PM
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Anyone know of any site where you could borrow kiting gear for the day/week, rather than buy
Im after a travel bag for a couple weeks (in im sydney), and would rather give someone a bit of cash towards a beer fund than buy one for lotsa $$$ (esp since i have another one thats just a wee bit small for a quiver)

WA, 1501 posts
19 Jun 2017 5:20AM
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Perhaps try Shapelle

NSW, 153 posts
22 Jun 2017 6:14PM
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I think lending a kite is like lending your girlfriend, they come back F#*K3D!!!!!!!!! NO?

Sorry I couldn't help myself


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"Kite Gear Borrowing and/or Renting" started by ama21n