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Kite Rental/Hire & Trip/Tour

Created by Dumii > 9 months ago, 25 Nov 2017
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25 Nov 2017 1:33PM
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Hi all,

I am a French Canadian, and I'll travel to Australia this Dec. I already know how to kite, but I am going to visit a friend who doesn't and I'll take few regional flights. Then, I would prefer by far to rent/hire complete kite gear instead of paying extra fees for every single flight I'll take. Do you know any shop where I could rent such gear for one or multiple days ? Please note that I intend to stay on the east coast for this trip.

Also, I would be more than happy if I could find a trip of few days on a boat of any kind, especially in the Whitsundays. Would even happier if I could do some scuba diving as well. Does any one knows where, who is offering such a tour ? If not, I would welcome any other multiple days trip of kiting.

Thanks all for your input !

WA, 490 posts
25 Nov 2017 6:27PM
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I believe due to insurance issues, that shops don't do kite surfing hire. I've tried in different places with not much luck.
In Hawaii I managed to hire a board only. In Asia (where they don't care about your safety so much ) you'll have more of a chance at hiring gear.
One way around it is to book a lesson for an hour. Maybe $150 and the instructor comes out with you.
If you're keen and doing lots of kiting then bring a kite with you.

Keaw Yed.
WA, 166 posts
26 Nov 2017 9:04AM
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Perhaps you could be cheeky and demo a few kits / boards?


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