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Kite and bar compatibility

Created by Valien 2 months ago, 1 Dec 2018
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1 Dec 2018 2:07PM
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Hi guys!

I have a Best bar (pretty old, I bought it used so I'm not sure how old it is but probably 2008?) and I'm looking to buy a Slingshot kite 2017. Anyone knows if its compatible?

WA, 242 posts
1 Dec 2018 5:03PM
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Gm spent years developing the LS1 engine for their vehicles for them to be taken out and put and Nissan's ect with bolted on turbos. I suppose with the right amount of time and effort anything is possible.

In my limited experience I feel manufactures take time caution and skill to engineer stuff. Why stuff around with it ? My mates got a north bar not set up right and is selling his evos as a result.

Plus if its 2008 safety's may not be as up to date as we have now. Just buy the right bar for it and bust down the beach and have a blast :-)

the truth
QLD, 165 posts
1 Dec 2018 7:04PM
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think the connections are the opposite all you need is a set of pig tails to switch the bar over then all is good carry them in my bag so I can use either kite

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3 Dec 2018 6:47PM
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The old best bars are mini 5th line safety. The new Slingshot kites are single front line release.

Make sure you don't need to use the safety as it isn't going to give you a 'fun time'. Also those velcro quick releases were never the most reliable either.


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