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Kite lessons in QLD or NSW

Created by NicoLtb Two weeks ago, 1 Apr 2019
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1 Apr 2019 11:40PM
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G'day guys !
Comin in May in Sydney and trying to plan a roadtrip from Cairns or Townsville to Brisbane or Byron Bay, i'd like to get kite lessons to enjoy a few days and improve myself.
Do you guys have feedbacks over kiteschools in any place, and about where wheather (sun and wind !!) is good in May for kite ?
Thanks !!

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2 Apr 2019 8:21AM
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Hi Nico,

Towards the end of May, beginning of June your best chance for wind would be up around Cairns with the trade winds season just starting (SE winds). The further south you go the less chance of wind so I'd recommend doing your lessons up North, wind permitting. I can recommend you have your lessons taught by Andy or Luke who own and run Kiteboarding Cairns.

Have fun!


QLD, 5 posts
2 Apr 2019 5:11PM
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It can blow in May in South Central Qld. Check out these guys when you're driving past. They've got a big crystal clear lagoon to learn in at high tide. And if it's windy you won't want to leave.


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