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Kite rescue?

Created by coastflyer 3 months ago, 3 Dec 2017
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3 Dec 2017 9:49AM
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Very interesting idea.

WA, 5938 posts
3 Dec 2017 4:10PM
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Spoke to my local Slsc years ago about this option
however you shouldn't get so close to someone who's panicked , they generally will climb you in an attempt to save themselves, dropping a float imho 1st would be better, I'm sure there's footage off nsw where a kiter rescued someone drowning
He had to get anti as the guy kept grabbing his bar and looping his kite

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4 Dec 2017 8:14AM
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Saw some youtube video's of a kiter rescuing people and they kept grabbing his bar and pulling on it. It could have ended badly.

I rescued a swimmer once who was drowning and his first reaction was to climb all over me so he would keep on the surface. The next wave and me swimming down, got him off. I then told him that if he did that again I would wait until he drowns then pull him out of the water and try to resuscitate him (I knew him). I told him I would go around behind and pull him from the back of the shirt. He managed to control himself (partly because he knew me, I think) and I got him to shallow water. One very happy chappy to be on dry land again.

WA, 453 posts
4 Dec 2017 1:12PM
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coastflyer said..

Very interesting idea.

Strapless Kiting Saves Lives

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4 Dec 2017 10:27PM
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What a dumb ar$e idea. As the other posters have already stated a drowning person will usually panick and try to climb onto and over anything which could result in two people needing rescuing after the kite surfer loses control.


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