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Kiting Broome

Created by sszy 1 month ago, 29 Feb 2020
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29 Feb 2020 5:50PM
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Hey Broomers,

Just got to Broome. Done a little kiting, but still a beginner. Wanted to know if there's anyone kiting regularly in town throughout the year (even better if they'd give me a lesson for a case or two). Advice on gear suitable to the conditions also appreciated (I'm 63kgs). Hoping to use kiting as a way to be busy up here.


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29 Feb 2020 7:57PM
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Good for u u can do gantheon pt and Bay downwinders this time of year.....and end up at zanders.. Etc... And going in and around the boats all moored there is really good fun.. And v good 'vis'.. .. . Or if more experienced Willie Creek/north of cable Beach Rocks.. and further up too..(all that coast incl. Cape Lev)..
There's a handful of four of five kiters that know what they are doing alot of them are on broome kite surfers fb page send yr dets I will add u.. Or add yourself..
Ganth is v safe for beginners & obviously as u probably know the tide varies alot there..

Landboarding is good there too(@ganth pt.)..... there are two'regular'landbuggy pple on oldschool kites..
Get onto it though plse because when it goes SE you will not be able to learn at town beach too small dodgy and sucks also more crocs there
P.s as 65kgs you will more likely have sessions with a 12/13up on saying that I have had sessions on a 9 and I think a 7 there.. But v rare...( 75kg)


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"Kiting Broome" started by sszy