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Kiting in Fiji

Created by theboymitch A week ago, 8 Mar 2019
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8 Mar 2019 3:35PM
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Goin to Fiji in May, anyone been then and had good wind and can recommend somewhere?? Haven't booked accomodation yet so flexible with location.. cheers

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8 Mar 2019 10:41PM
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I went to Fiji around that time and didn't have much luck with the wind. A lot of the time was spent lying around in a hammock waiting for the wind to come in, which it sometimes did. Probably 1 in 4 days.

I went back the following year just to see if it was a bad year, and it was about the same.

Nice warm weather though and if you just want to relax without any outside contact it is great.

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10 Mar 2019 2:02PM
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Depends on where you're going in Fiji - 300 different islands....... Trade winds don't kick in till July for Suva, coral coast and Cloudbreak. Better to take a surfboard in May!

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10 Mar 2019 11:37PM
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Even when the tradewinds kick in they follow a pattern of slowly building over a week or so up to maybe 20 knots then dying off for 3-4 days then starting again. A pre-booked holiday is a lucky dip. Go there expecting not to kite and be happy and surprised if you get a few days in.

The prevailing wind is SE so any location on SE facing coastlines will be most likely to get wind.

Also if you hydrofoil that might be your best bet to get some time on the water.,179.934,7


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