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Northern Sumatra (Yudis)

Created by BrendanRobb A week ago, 7 Mar 2019
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7 Mar 2019 12:14PM
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hi legends,
thinking about a trip later this year (August) up to Northern Sumatra, and have seen some stuff on the interwebs about Yudis Place:
Looks ok.
I've done a search here and there doesn't appear to be any posts discussing this location. Just wondering if anyone's been over there, and if so what was your experience?
I'm not really into flat water kiting, so looking for waves and if possible downwinders. Yudi himself gave me just a little info in a recent email that indicates August is OK for wind, and there is one lefthander that is suitable to kite.
Some indication of kite sizes to consider would also be great. I'm 86kg, intermediate level.

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7 Mar 2019 12:26PM
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Bit of info in this thread below:

I was thinking of going their this winter myself, but the apparently strict sharia law in the region has put me off. I'd like to be able to have a few beers at the beach or at a bar at the end of the day without being arrested ore caned....

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7 Mar 2019 1:27PM
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daniel_y said..
Bit of info in this thread below:

I was thinking of going their this winter myself, but the apparently strict sharia law in the region has put me off. I'd like to be able to have a few beers at the beach or at a bar at the end of the day without being arrested ore caned....

ha, yeah I had read about that too, I wonder if it is more an issue up towards the city (Banda Aceh) than down the coast a bit where Yudis is? Anyway, thanks for the link.

Wanga F One
QLD, 227 posts
8 Mar 2019 6:20PM
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Been a while since I have been there but beer is off the menu unless you want to risk some expensive black market swill. Yudi is a great host if you are prepared for basic. Wind maybe hit and miss being a little equatorial for trade winds. Beautiful place,just respect the rules.

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8 Mar 2019 8:52PM
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Been there 2 years ago. Yudi's place is very clean and definitely a good quality lodge. Yudi himself is quite a character. Not the friendliest person on earth but his place is good.
Wind is inconsistent. I really liked the area and people. However it's not for everyone. Only if you like off-the-beaten-track experience and can spend a night without beers.

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9 Mar 2019 3:29AM
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Hey Brendan,
The missus and I have been the last 2 years and will head back this year.
1st year was June for 3 weeks, kited everyday from 7m-13m, swell was fun size 2-4 ft faces.
Was relatively busy as seabreeze was based there.
Last year we went later July, we kited everyday for the first 2 weeks then the last week was more inconsistent, we were there for the massive swell that hit indo, the reef was out of control so we kited the beaches. There was significantly less people as seabreeze was moving out.....
Seems to be more consistent earlier in the season, June/July. Once you hit August it gets more inconsistent.
Swell is generally 2-5ft faces on any given day, the reef is a left - cross onshre, the A-Frame across the chanel is a right and left but onshre and difficult to negotiate.
Flat water about 200m to the reef and then a chanel separating the 2 waves, when its bigger the chanel can be a shocker!
The beaches down the coast are fun, but you get pestered by the locals to pay to use "their" beach, we slipped them a few quid and they left us alone.
Yudis is basic but we love it, good food and people.
John has a cabana on the beach were you kite from, he sells basic stuff and will launch you, he's a great guy and will keep an eye on you. He will also get you a couple of beers, but you only drink at his or at Yudis and as long as you don't take the piss and get leathered its fine. We take duty free and drink at Yudis.
The missus wears boardies and long sleeves at the beach, she has a bikini to sun bath at Johns, but that's the only place she wears it. When we are both out and about I have long pants and T-shirt, she has long both. More out of respect for the locals, you wont get stoned but best to play to their rules.
So, hope this helps, we love it there, we don't like crowds and prefer waves, so its perfect for us.


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9 Mar 2019 5:33AM
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Try Sumbawa - late season.
Plenty of surf, wind and you can have a couple of beers right at the beach

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10 Mar 2019 12:15AM
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Have been there many times ... alone since no GF will follow you there with the sharia ... FPI militia always around making problems, even on black sand beach that is a bit more remote

otherwise the area is beautiful and load of surfs around with nobody

the wind is quite unpredictable but usually a 11-12m is ok

SeaBreeze moved out and it is a good thing since they were not in a sustainable approach, same in a lombok they shut down after one season

The other kite camp based in Riverside and Black Sand beach (the first to settle in North Sumatra) they moved to Sulawesi

If you are really into waveriding then Sumabawa is the place (Nungas is magic)

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Friday , 15 Mar 2019 2:11PM
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hey there everyone, thanks so much for this quality info, not travelling with the wifey so no concerns there, and the wind/wave info is something to think about.
Been a long time since I've been to Sumbawa, love to go back there and Nungas...yeah I can imagine that with a kite (pretty challenging to surf esp. when its big).



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