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Old Kites - recyle/reuse

Created by slackster 4 months ago, 6 Feb 2019
WA, 24 posts
6 Feb 2019 8:22AM
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Hi guys n gals!

Does anyone know of anywhere in WA that recycles/re-uses old kites?? I've got 2 x 2004 slingshot fuels sat in my shed collecting dust. I did find a thread with a company who were making bags out of them (Scarborough based) but they've since moved back to France.

Would hate to see them going to landfill.

Any ideas?

WA, 7229 posts
6 Feb 2019 8:47PM
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Ryan Crawford the sail doctor,
will recycle them into bean bags

QLD, 3 posts
8 Feb 2019 4:21PM
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My wife turns them into jackets.

WA, 376 posts
8 Feb 2019 5:48PM
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That's awesome!! Does she do cashies


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"Old Kites - recyle/reuse" started by slackster