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Packing Kites no Bags

Created by danw 8 months ago, 30 Jun 2018
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30 Jun 2018 3:53AM
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When I purchased my kites they didn't come with packs. They are a bit loose and take up quite a bit of space at home, wondering if anyone else has any solutiions?

Currently I store them in a plactic storage container, I don't find it ideal.

Not looking to buy bags, old kites and will likely upgrade soon.

NSW, 974 posts
30 Jun 2018 6:36AM
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I use large nylon waterproof compression bags. The type you roll and clip the top; then squeeze air out of valve. Great for travelling..kites pack up into small space. Plus; it's a multi use waterproof sack for boat use/ day trips etc.

WA, 652 posts
30 Jun 2018 9:33AM
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Hi danw,

Have you thought of lightweight compression bags with corset style drawstrings? The ION Crushbag is an ideal lightweight option, especially for traveling. The drawstring doubles as a backpack style strap. These come in three sizes; 15-18m, 10-14m and 5-9m. We also have Ozone inner bags but these are not crush style bags but are a bit cheaper.


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30 Jun 2018 12:26PM
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Fly the things

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30 Jun 2018 1:31PM
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Ask a kite repairer if they have some old bags you can have/buy.

maybe large pillow case or ikea bag might help.

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30 Jun 2018 5:25PM
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When I travel with my kites, I take them in "70L Waterproof Dry Bags" I get off "Fleabay" for $10 each.
They weigh practically nothing and are fairly robust and can also fit the bar in. (When I get there)
I grab a different colour for my different kite sizes to make it easy.

Just don't tie the top of the bag tightly if the kite is still damp so they can air.

WA, 162 posts
1 Jul 2018 10:43AM
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Thanks for the suggestions, I went with the dry bags as its those always come in handy after the kites get grandfathered.

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4 Jul 2018 5:06PM
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I also save money by not not buying kite bags and using old gear.

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4 Jul 2018 7:17PM
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I use Ikea FRAKTA 76l bags (zip up front and rucksack straps on the back) for all my kites.

The zips somehow seem to resist corrosion better than any of the genuine kite bags I have. Cheap and functional.


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