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Point Moore Weather Station back on the air (5 Jan 2019)

Created by Robbo2099 2 months ago, 5 Jan 2019
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5 Jan 2019 5:02PM
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Apologies for the long delay in getting this sorted, but as of about 3:30pm today, the Point Moore Weather station is live again.

As usual, big thanks go out to Laurie for helping us get this sorted.

Everything had been going well for the first 10 months or so, then one evening, the entire suburb of Point Moore had a number of power brownouts, followed by an extended full power outage of nearly 18 hours. Everything at Volunteer Marine Rescue where the weather station is located lost both it's power and power backups, with UPS systems all running out of battery before the power was restored the next day. In the process, something in the configuration files got corrupted and it's taken us until now to get this sorted out. Spent the morning early afternoon at Pt Moore investigating and trying all manner of things, along with Laurie's help and she's off and going again.

Hopefully, we won't see anything similar again for a while, though regional WA has been notorious for power issues this past year.

Thanks also to Node1/LogicIT for troubleshooting support and for donating the internet connectivity to make this data and service available.

Hope you have a windy 2019!

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5 Jan 2019 6:48PM
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Good work rob, shoulda done it yesterday mate, in the 39 knts, your so slack
cheers mate great work


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"Point Moore Weather Station back on the air (5 Jan 2019)" started by Robbo2099